We decorate your home or business for the holidays without the hassle

"Light Up Your Holidays is a Christmas Angel."

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Light up your holidays Reviews

“Kelly is a Christmas angel!! Loved her vision … just the right combination of warmth and sparkle. Her staff are true artists. Made me smile every day when I pulled up to house. Best part was not freezing in January when it’s time to take decorations down! “

– Lisa | Chicago, IL

“Kelly truly has great design ideas and we will hire her every year. She runs a very professional outdoor holiday lighting service. Kelly had everything on timers and even was there installing with her crew.”

– Julie B. | Lincolnwood, Illinois

“Response time and quality of maintenance & repairs is fantastic. As far as the design, Light Up Your Holidays is top notch – we feel so proud of our elegantly decorated home.”

–Marge K. | Kenilworth, Illinois

“Kelly and her team are outdoor holiday lighting professionals!  I have hired her for over 10 years.  Not only did she elegantly design my home but the work she performed was done ON TIME and BEAUTIFULLY.”

– Sylvia S. | Libertyville, Illinois

“Our home received so many compliments and was the best on the block!  It was truly magical and worth the cost rather than risking life and limb trying to do it yourself.”

– Evan T. | Winnetka, Illinois

“Kelly, Thank you! Our holiday lighting is absolutely magical. When I came down the street to my home last night it was just so beautiful!  It is really cool, we just love it and look forward to doing more next year.”

– Cinday K. | Chicago, Illinois

“At the risk of sounding morbid, I will NEVER hang my own Christmas lights again.  In the last few years I have known three people to either die or break limbs by falling off of a ladder. Plus, I could never make my outdoor holiday lighting look as beautiful as Light Up Your Holidays does!”

– Anna M. | Lake Forest, Illinois

“Doing business with Kelly is seamless.  She provided a free design consultation that was very classy.  Her team did a professional job with the install. My family and neighbors just loved the magical outdoor holiday lighting!”

– Traci G. | Winnetka, Illinois

“The whole process from design to execution is very easy, organized and efficient.  I have been hiring Light Up Your Holidays for 8 years and it is an easy decision every time.  Kelly and her team takes care of everything for you!”

– Monica T. | Hinsdale, Illinois

“I have used Light Up Your Holidays for 9 years.  The service is wonderful.  They even called me to see if we had problems during a severe rain.  Since I was out of town, they sent someone to check on the lights for me!  Thanks Kelly and crew!”

– Sandy S. | Glenview, Illinois