We are celebrating Christmas in July! And yes this is a nationally recognized holiday!

But more importantly we’re celebrating you! Our family of holiday lighting clients.

When you post your smiling Christmas family faces on social media and tag Light Up Your Holidays you are automatically entered into our Christmas in July drawing to win gifts!

We are looking for the happy faces of your family to add to our website and testimonial page. We want to show how much fun it is to celebrate Christmas with holiday lighting.

The winner with the most fabulous smiling photos will win either a family Holiday-home limo ride tour or a professional photoshoot of your family for Christmas!

Christmas In July is a real thing thanks to Hollywood! The 1940 movie, ‘Christmas in July’ started the whole fantastic phenomenon. It became a nationally recognized celebration in 1950. So we’ve jumped on that bandwagon and are excited to celebrate Christmas in July with you!

And why not?! Our motto at Light Up Your Holidays is, ‘live with the spirit of the holidays in your heart all year long!’ This just gives us an excuse to have more fun and to celebrate with friends and family.

For us it is also a reminder to celebrate life through gratitude and giving (even as simple as a smile or a hug and even a company review!) Let’s celebrate all year long rather than simply reserving the spirit of giving for one month out of the year.

We have all felt the magic of the holiday season and enjoyed the excuse to celebrate family and friends even more. So this Christmas in July we encourage everyone to embrace that spirit this summer and live with it in our hearts!

We celebrate Christmas in July annually by helping those in need. Our giving efforts are filling bellies and putting smiles on faces.

This year we elected to help Venezuela. This country has been hit hard over the last few years and people are suffering. Their entire economy has collapsed and the food lines are daunting. Many of my employees are from Venezuela so we have identified families who are severely struggling and are sending them food packages. By feeding the people directly we make an immediate, life changing impact.

This effort is small but we will feed a few families so the children don’t have to go to bed hungry.

We are also celebrating our family of holiday clients with professional photo shoots and family limo ride giveaways. When clients email us and post their fantastic family Christmas photos on social media and tag us they automatically are entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a fantastic family photo shoot in front of their decorated home with an illuminated 74-in picture frame!

Plus I am celebrating my team with gifts and a day out on the town to enjoy Chicago’s art and food because it goes without saying that we are super busy during the winter Christmas holiday season!

Some people really go all out to celebrate Christmas in July by throwing parties that mimic Christmas celebrations, bringing the atmosphere of Christmas but with warmer temperatures.

Ideas for your Christmas in July party include:

  • Santa Claus in shorts at a beach party!
  • Ice Cream, Cold foods, Fun gifts party!

Christmas in July is usually recognized as July 25 but also sometimes celebrated on July 12. But we say, celebrate all month and keep celebrating all year! Light Up Your Holidays wishes you an amazing year filled with laughter and joy!

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